picture montage of road, field and bridge Photo of Bingley Bypass, West Yorkshire
Please feel free to download the following useful documents. We hope they are of use.
Reference Documentation Standard Forms
 1YHAUC Performance Sheet - QUARTER 4 2018-2019
 2YHAUC Performance Sheet - QUARTER 3 2018-2019
 3YHAUC Performance Sheet - QUARTER 2 2018-2019
 4YHAUC Performance Sheet - QUARTER 1 2018-2019
 5Yorkshire HAUC Co-ordination Calendar 2019-2020
 6YHAUC Revised Section 81 Process Sept 2017
 72018 Framework
 8Doncaster MBC Civic Offices map
 9Yorkshire Common Permit Scheme _Fees
 10Yorkshire Common Permit Scheme Tool Box Talk (26 April 2012)
 11Yorkshire Common Permit Scheme [january 2012].pdf
 12Yorkshire Common Permit Scheme FAQs with responses.pdf
 13YPAN008 - Dealing with Changes to Conditions for Works on Site.pdf
 14YPAN007 - Early Start Process for prior to making a permit application.pdf
 15YPAN006 - Non EToN Attachments.pdf
 16YPAN005 - Communications & Publicity Guide.pdf
 17YPAN004 - Permit Conditions.pdf
 18YPAN003 - Permit Invoicing.pdf
 19YPAN002 - Display of Permit Reference for Immediate Works.pdf
 20YPAN001 - Format of Permit Reference.pdf
 21YCPS Joint Training Presentation_Non Animated.ppt
 22YCPS Joint Training Presentation_Animated.ppt
 23HAUC(UK) Working Groups
 24Chairs of Regional HAUCs
 25Early Starts_Revised Duration Procedure
 26YHAUC FPN Good Practice Guide
 27YHAUC Section 81 Procedure
 28Cat B/C Random Sample Action Plan
 29Cat A Random Sample Action Plan
 30Winter Gritting Telephone Contacts
 31Cannon Hall Museum
 32Graffiti Contact List
 33YHAUC Performance Information Process
 34YHAUC Conciliation & Arbitration Procedure
 35YHAUC Care Initiative Presentation
 36YHAUC Care Initiative Pocket Card (side 1)
 37YHAUC Care Initiative Pocket Card (side 2)
 38YHAUC Care Initiative Poster
 39YHAUC Coring Information Process
 40Yorkshire High Speed Roads
 1Appendix E Co-ordination Schedule
 2YHAUC Section 81 Notification Pro-forma
 3YHAUC Section 81 Utility Feedback Form
 4YHAUC Performance Information Form 1
 5YHAUC Performance Information Form 2
 6YHAUC Performance Information (Form 3)
 7YHAUC Core Results (Forms C2a & C2b)
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