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The aim of the YHAUC recycle group is give confidence to stakeholders that consistent, high quality recycled materials are available for use in the highways of Yorkshire.

The YHAUC Recycled Materials Framework was developed to provide a consistent process for material suppliers to produce and seek acceptance of alternative reinstatement materials (following successful Appendix A9 trials) and materials produced using recycled aggregates.

Material suppliers now producing recycled materials conforming to the YHAUC framework, can demonstrate quality products by ensuring their material test results and quality plans are published for stakeholder review on the YHAUC web site recycling page.

The YHAUC Recycled Materials Framework will help all YHAUC stakeholders demonstrate their commitment towards environmental aims and policies by minimising their reliance on new materials excavated from quarries and reducing the volume of materials taken to waste sites.

The YHAUC Quality Plan framework shown below, outlines the approval process.  Any suppliers who have a recycled material that they wish to be considered for YHAUC Approval, should contact the YHAUC Recycle Group via the contact us link shown below. After following the steps outlined in the guidance note for suppliers.

Download the guidance note for suppliers document.

The approved materials page details the recycled materials which are currently approved by YHAUC.

YHAUC Framework document
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